Updates: Sigma: Restaurant Specialized, not Restaurant Exclusive

A few weeks ago I picked up a contract to build a site design for a local tattoo shop. About halfway through the build, I kept getting this strange feeling that I'd written all of the code I was doing before...and then I realized that Sigma supports many of the things that just about every business website needs. Granted, there are a few restaurant-specific things that aren't used by most businesses, but outside of that things are very similar.

So, I fired up a new site designer instance for them, and got to work. There were a few things that I had to add to the code here to support them, but they are all things that have (potential) uses for the restaurant industry as well. Two new features struck out to me:

1. Staff Listing
This probably won't be used for very many restaurant locations, but it could be useful for a small place with a tight-knit staff. The Staff Listing widget adds a set of tiles onto your sidebar which you can populate with photos, biographies, and the like. More importantly though, it also links to:

2. Photo Albums
Previously, the only way to post photos was through the Blogging system. While that worked for some people, sometimes you just want to take a bunch of pictures and stick them up on your website. Want to group them into categories? Photo Albums let you do just that. If you use the Staff Listing widget, you can also connect albums to individual staff members.

Bringing it all together:
Let's say that you run a small restaurant with a dedicated pastry chef. You have, among several other members of your staff, the patissier listed on your Staff Listing sidebar. To showcase their work, you can take a few pictures of the various desserts, and tag them under that specific staff member. Then, anytime someone looks at the pastry chef's biography, they can quickly jump to the photos of the desserts.

Overall, it gives you more flexibility to create something catered to the group you know best: your customers.