Updates: Directions Page - New Layout, Features, etc.

For entirely too long we've suffered with either poorly written directions that don't help many customers find us, or simply an address with an invitation to visit Google Maps or MapQuest or whichever mapping site is currently popular...but that doesn't really do a whole lot for getting people in the door.

That's all better now. All CafeSigma sites now support inlined maps on their Directions pages. Read on to see how to set it up for your site!

NOTE: For this example I'm going to be using my test site ("Example Restaurant") and putting directions to the Silver Spring, Maryland Metro station. Also, please excuse the bizarre theme for Example Restaurant, I was working on the theme customization stuff at the same time.
Let's get started! First, head over to your new Directions page:
It'll mention that you haven't set up your directions yet, but since that's what we're about to do we can ignore that message.

Click the Edit Directions button in the corner:

This will bring you over to an empty Directions listing, with your map marker placed somewhere out in the middle of nowhere:

Check off the Enable Google Maps box (or just click directly on your address) to enable Google Maps support:

Type your address into the My Address field. Sigma will begin looking up your address from Google as soon as you start typing:

By the time you finish entering your address, you should have a map displaying your location:
NOTE: If your location isn't perfectly accurate, you can click on the map display to reposition the actual marker.
I recommend using 15 as the zoom level, but this is entirely up to you. If you have a lot of foot traffic coming by (as opposed to customers who drive to your restaurant) it may make sense to increase the zoom level slightly so walking customers get an idea of the street location quicker. Note that viewers of your site will be able to change the zoom themselves, this simply sets the default zoom level.

Once you're done setting up your location:
Click on the Save button to save your changes and return to the customer-facing Directions page:

That's It!
Now that you've done those simple steps, your customers will be presented with a dynamic, engaging Directions page with an interactive map:

Let's say that one of your customers wants to get directions to your restaurant. By simply typing in their current location, they get turn-by-turn directions:

This is WAY better than just having a picture of a map or, worse, an address with "Call us for directions" blurb that winds up driving both your customers and staff up the wall.

Thanks for reading!