Site status, latest posts, upcoming features, and the like.
  • Upgraded Photo Viewer

    Previously, the Photos system here was a bit clunky (it still is, but it's getting better) and there wasn't an easy way to thumb through photos in an album. The new photo viewer fixes that, adding next and previous thumbnails in the corners of an individual photo view, like so:
  • Sigma: Restaurant Specialized, not Restaurant Exclusive

    A few weeks ago I picked up a contract to build a site design for a local tattoo shop. About halfway through the build, I kept getting this strange feeling that I'd written all of the code I was doing before...and then I realized that Sigma supports many of the things that just about every business website needs. Granted, there are a few restaurant-specific things that aren't used by most businesses, but outside of that things are very similar.

    So, I fired up a new site designer instance for them, and got to work. There were a few things that I had to add to the code here to support them, but they are all things that have (potential) uses for the restaurant industry as well. Two new features struck out to me:...
  • Mobile Sites (Beta) Now Available for All Member Sites!

    The mobile site beta has officially started! All customer sites now have specially mobile-formatted versions of their sites available. At this point, they are only tested on iPhones, but we'll be adding support for more devices as time goes on.

    Want to see what your site looks like? All you have to do is open it up on a mobile phone...
  • Directions Page - New Layout, Features, etc.

    For entirely too long we've suffered with either poorly written directions that don't help many customers find us, or simply an address with an invitation to visit Google Maps or MapQuest or whichever mapping site is currently popular...but that doesn't really do a whole lot for getting people in the door.

    That's all better now. All CafeSigma sites now support inlined maps on their Directions pages. Read on to see how to set it up for your site!...
  • CafeSigma Main Website now Live!

    I'm putting the finishing touches on the actual launch of this website. I've had a couple of restaurants running under the system, but this is the first time we're actually going to have a frontend for adding new restaurants. I'm in the process of building the rest of the interfaces that will let new restaurants sign up and build their website (including building their online menus, adding photos, calendar events, and even more!) I can't really express just how excited I am about this, but I'm sure it'll become quite apparent as this moves forward!

    This blog will be regularly updated with everything that's happening with this build (including links to guides on how to build a site for your own restaurant) and example sites to give people an idea of what this system can do.