Site status, latest posts, upcoming features, and the like.
  • SSL Account Access

    Tonight's update included a test version of SSL user accounts. When logging in it should automatically redirect you to the SSL version of the site. You can tell if it worked by looking for the "https" bit at the front of the URL in the address bar instead of the usual "http", like so:
  • Planned System Outage: June 28, 2011

    The outage will last roughly 15 minutes and will take place sometime between 4 and 5am, eastern time.

    We're changing the way images are stored in the system and need to have everything offline to prevent issues during this transition...
  • Site Theme Loading/Saving will be down for a few days

    As part of the SCS/v2 transition, the design elements system will be undergoing a few changes which will prevent site themes from being loaded or saved.

    This should return to normal once the new design system goes live.
  • Open Market Testing: 80% Off on CafeSigma Sites

    We're finally ready to open everything up in the form of open market testing: the interfaces are refined enough where I feel comfortable releasing this to the general public. There's still a lot of refinement and development to do, but I want to start getting feedback from more people then the current testing setup allows.

    Of course, since this is all test software and it might (and probably will) still have occasional issues, anyone who signs up during this phase of testing will get 80% off on their subscription, which brings the monthly cost to a hair under $20. It was originally going to be 75% off, but $25 per month didn't sound as nice. Either way, anyone who participates in the testing phase will retain their 80% off after everything is done, so this is a nice opportunity to get in on the super cheap...
  • New Ticket-Based Support System

    While I'm doing my best to make sure you don't run into any issues with your CafeSigma site, there are still some times when you need some tech support. You may have an idea for a new feature which would help your business, or there could be an issue with how your site displays. All of these can be handled through the new ticket-based support system, easily accessible from your Administration bar: